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Welcome to India School Fund
India School Fund (ISF) is an innovative nonprofit founded in 2005 by Harvard Business School (HBS) students to ensure effective delivery of education in poor rural areas of India, starting in a state where four million children do not attend school, and where more than 50% of kids who complete primary level still cannot read and count. ISF creates talent around clusters of schools tied to the local culture and economy. Students will not only acquire basic literacy and life skills but also develop an entrepreneurial mindset early in their development. The objective is to see all children evolve into empowered citizens, entrepreneurs, employees or graduates of higher education, thereby moving forward on the ladder of development.

Our Mission:
Ensure effective delivery of community-driven education to break the vicious cycle of poverty in rural areas of India.

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Recent News and Announcements:
- ISF: Facts and Figures
- We are proud to announce the openning of our newest school in Samarua!