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Our Work

India School Fund - Delivering Education in India

The India School Fund (ISF) is a nonprofit organization founded by five Harvard Business School students to ensure effective delivery of education in rural India to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

The ISF aims at educating next generations in rural India to not only read, write and count but also to see and evolve their environment in a spirit free of constraints and rich in cultural diversity.

The ISF team is working closely with the local communities to help build and run high-quality schools in rural Uttar Pradesh. We have currently two schools: the first one is in Rajugela and acts as our first hub, and the second, smaller, is in Samarua, and is a satellite of our first school. The curriculum taught in the schools has been meticulously developed by the RIVER-trained members of the staff: it is based on the Multi Grade Multi Level methodology, and combines material from NCERT (National Standard) and SCERT (State Standard) with local specific content so children can relate to the environment they are growing up in. PRATHAM, the renowned independent education assessment organization has visited ISF several times since we started and concluded each time that our students progressed faster than those in the surrouding government schools. Our goal now is to develop more satellite schools around our hub in Rajugela, to leverage our resources in an optimal way. We will then build more hubs in the region to help bring high-quality education to hundreds of thousands more students in the coming years.

Fact and Figures

  • Number of ISF schools 2
  • Number of students at ISF currently more than 350
  • Grades taught at ISF: 1 through 5
  • Cost of educating one child for a full year $100
  • Cost of educating one child per month (10-school month) $10
  • Cost of one classroom per month (40 students) $400
  • Cost of one classroom for a full year (40 students) $4,000
  • Annual cost of meal per student $20

Staff, Board of Directors, and Volunteers:

Management Team School Staff Board of Directors

Annie Bertrand (President)

Vandita Tewari (CEO, India)

Tushneem Dharmagadda (VP of US operations)

Elisabeth Megally (Advisor, Former VP of US operations)

Esmeralda Megally (ISF Editor)

Ranjani Saigal (Advisor)

Rahul Drona (School Manager)

Amit Singh (School Principal)


Naveen Tewari (Chairman)

Annie Bertrand (President)

Swati Apte (Board Member)

Stacey Childress (Board Member)

Steve Cohn (Board Member)

Irina Zeltser (CFO, Board Member)